Board cleaning and maintenance

2017-06-22 14:01:16

Many housewives choose detergent when they take it for granted that the higher the strength, the better the effect of removing stains. In fact, not the case, many items can not be washed with a powerful detergent, it is easy to lead to floor destruction, today Xiaobian for this type of floor maintenance, and we do a brief introduction and discussion.

Green paint or paint floor, if stained with chewing gum enamel and to gently scrape with bamboo, do not use blade shaving, then wipe with a damp cloth dipped in kerosene seven. If we worry about the paint will fall off, can wipe with general detergent, or monthly with the oily wax Tuca floor paint surface is not easy to fall off.

If the ground is stained with blood stains, wipe with ammonia, in the selection of the detergent can not use strong acid or strong alkaline detergent scrub. In order to prevent ground corrosion may not be the same as contact surface of gasoline and thinner, so as to keep the floor color and luster. If the egg accidentally dropped it on the floor, you can gently pick up the egg in the egg will, then sprinkle some salt contamination, over 15-20 minutes to clean dirt can be an easy job to do.

Floor wax: for these "scars", if the surface of the floor film is not damaged, scratches, prints can be cleaned with floor cleaner, and then waxing the surface. If the film surface wear, can use water sanding sandpaper dipped in soapy water, then dry after the local color, coated with a layer of protective paint, finally waxing.

Wood furniture cleaning: furniture surface of wine stains can not be vigorously fierce wipe, you can use warm tea water stains gently wipe, and after water evaporation, and then coated with less Xu Guang wax.

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