Gypsum Board Main Property And Features

2016-09-30 14:50:50


Gypsum Board Main Property 


                       1.   Light weight

                  2.  Easy to handle and install

                  3.   Good sound absorption

                  4.   Unique punching designs

                  5.   Suitable for suspension ceiling and walls

                  6.   Maximum size can be 1200mm x 3600mm


                  7.   Fire resistance & Moisture resistance




Gypsum Board Features


                 1.  Use new foaming technology, reduce the weight of gypsum board

                 2.  Add water-repellent,fire retardant,with amoisture - proof,waterproof,fireproof special effects.

                 3.  Board surface was print set rules,convenient for construction.

                 4.  Add a special gypsum enhancer,improves the strength of gypsum board .

                 5.  professional packing staff, to achieve zero damage .

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